Crown and Jewels are a European team, containing Paschy90, SikiiCEM, Killerno7 and Yeezy (formerly xGodlightx). The team also used to have Stocki on its roster, before trading the player to Swarm Gaming in return for SikiiCEM.

After this trade, the team picked up Paschy90 in December 2015, from the recently disbanded Swarm gaming team. After this move, Killer no7 officially became the team's sub.

Crown and Jewels' previous team names are Foxraid gaming (until September 2015), Supersonic Stars (until October 2015) and PeaceHater (until December 2015).

The team has enjoyed many finishes high-up on the power rankings, being placed as high as #3 multiple times.

Notable Achievements Edit

  • GFinity 8/1/16 runners up