Flipsid3 Tactics (often abbreviated to F3) is a European top-level team consisting of Markydooda, M1k3Rules and Kuxir97. The team consists entirely of SARPBC veteran players who are all well known throughout the community. The team formerly also contained Wrong_Way_Woody, who was later a part of Teamus Weamus, the sister team to Flipsid3.

The team is widely considered the best in the world, having been placed at the top of the EU Power Rankings since the rankings' inception, barring week 13 where they were ranked second, behind SK Gaming.

Notable Achievements Edit

Flipsid3 Tactics are perhaps the most prosperous team in Rocket League history, winning a number of tournaments:

  • MLG Pro League Season 1 winners
  • Rocket Royale launch event winners
  • Rocket Royale 1 runners up
  • Rocket Royale 2 winners
  • Rocket Royale 3 runners up
  • Rocket Royale 4 winners
  • Rocket Royale 5 winners
  • Rocket Royale 6 winners