iBuyPower Cosmic are a North American team consisting of Kronovi, Gibbs and SadJunior. Dirkened is their former substitute player. All three current member of iBP Cosmic, formerly Cosmic Aftershock are SARPBC veterans. The team is considered the most prosperous in NA, having been #1 either outright or tied with other teams for every week that the Power Rankings have existed. They are also one of the most popular Rocket League teams.

The team has participated in practically every major eSports event since Rocket league's launch in July 2015, in events such as the MLG tournaments, Rocket Royales and the RPL.

The team was sponsored in October 2015 by the iBuyPower organisation.

Notable Achievements: Edit

  • MLG "Rocket League" tournament runners up
  • Rocket Royale launch event runners up
  • Rocket Royale 1 3rd place
  • Rocket Royale 2 4th place
  • Rocket Royale 4 4th place
  • Rocket Royale 6 runners up