Swarm Gaming were a top-level European team of Paschy90, de Boer and Gambit at the time of their disbanding in November 2015. Despite this, they had most success a short while before this when Stocki was on the team over Gambit, reaching #2 on the EU power rankings. Prior to having Stocki on the team, who they received from Supersonic Stars (now Crown and Jewels), Swarm had a lineup of Paschy90, de Boer and SikiiCEM.

The team had a long history of rivalry with Flipsid3 Tactics, famously never beating them in a series.

Notable Achievements Edit

  • MLG Pro League runners up
  • Rocket Royale launch event 3rd place
  • Rocket Royale 2 runners up
  • Rocket Royale 3 3rd place